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Our Story

Hey, nice to meet you! We are the founders of Fungi Biotics, Aaron and Steve.

We're both dedicated Holistic Lifestyle Practitioners, driven by our passion for optimal health and the profound healing potential of medicinal mushrooms.

Having recognised the healing powers of the fungi were being overlooked, we embarked on a quest to pioneer planetary health.

After years of exploration and research, we partnered with leading scientists and made it our mission to formulate fungi products of the finest quality. 

Marrying a blend of the latest science and hand-made craftsmanship, Fungi Biotics maintains a localised approach to product development, using responsible processes to deliver pure and potent products. Our range is a testament to meticulous research and a passion for sustainable health solutions.

We launch new products only in response to genuine needs expressed by our customers after extensive research delivering formulations of the highest quality. 

But this is not a fungi fad! Mushrooms have been used in medical practices for thousands of years. Fungi Biotics honour the ancient wisdom of the humble mushroom by cultivating an educative platform of health seekers, sharing ancient knowledge, science and community stories.